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Guild Rules

Welcome to Nightwatch

Nightwatch is a multi-cultural guild with players from many different countries and timezones. Whatever time you play - day or night - you will find fellow guildies online. We are a casual raiding guild, and we like to keep things fun. We have two nights of 25-man raids - Friday and Saturday - and require our raiders to maintain a good level of attendance. Other raiding opportunities are also available, including several 10-man groups that run regularly. While we are 'casual' in the sense we only raid 2 days a week, we expect a level of seriousness to be taken towards our 25-man raids in order to progress. It is expected you come on time, be prepared and knowledgable of the fights. By observing these expectations we have achieved significant progression in WoTLK for low hrs/per week spent raiding. We trust you will find NW a friendly and enjoyable environment to raid with.

Guild Rules

Please conduct yourself at all times in a way that reflects well on fellow guildies and show them a level of courtesy that you expect to receive yourself. This includes avoiding being a nuisance in trade chat, abusing other guilds or players. Racists, sexist, and other discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated in guild chat or raid events. Ninja looting will not be tolerated. Our ninja policy can be found here.

Raid Attendance

Raid invites are done on the in game calendar. Please indicate at your earliest convenience whether you will be attending or declining for a particular raid. Please note that accepting the invite and then not attending is recorded and may result in a points penalty Those with lower guild ranks or poor recent attendance will receive a lower priority for raid spots. Bench and low-priority players will be rotated in for certain bosses, taking into account raid composition, loot requirements and boss abilities.

Loot Rules

See here.
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